The first confirmed reference about Grodziec comes from Pope Hadrian IV bull of 23.04.1155 y. In 1175 y. prince Bolesław Wysoki (Boleslav the Tall) drew up here a privilege for Cistercians from Lubiąż. In the time of his heir – Henryk Brodaty (Henry the Bearded) – the wooden – terrestrial castle was replaced for the built of bricks one. The foundation of the castle church is attributed to St. Hedwig. In XIV c. and partially in XV c. the castle was a property of Busewoy the knightly family. In the period of Hussite wars the building was captured and plundered by Hussites detachment.

In 1470 y. the prince of Legnica Frederick I repurchased it. Bricklayer’s masters brought by him from Wrocław, Legnica and Goerlitz gave the establishment its present-day spatial structure. After the prince death on the order of his son Frederick II workings were continued. In the Grodziec become one of the most beautiful Gothic-Renaissance residence in Silesia. Final of the work had a coincidence whit the prince wedding whit princess Sophie von Hohenzollern. On this occasion a party in the castle and a famous knightly tournament were arranged. In the time of 30-years war the castle was captured and burned by the forces of prince Albrecht Wallenstein. Because the war damage was on a huge scale and the fortress had no some parts of the stronghold. In the XVII and XVIII c. efforts were made to rebuild Grodziec, however they were not finished with greater success. Only just in 1800 y., when the owner of property became prince of the Reich Jan Henryk IV von Hochburg from Książ, more serious work of preservation and reconstruction was take up. The period of Napoleon Campaign stopped it for a little while, but already in the 30-ties of XIX c. the castle became an object of many tourist excursions. In this time it had the reputation of beging the first in Europe historical building particularly accommodated for tourist goals. Thorough reconstruction was started in 1900 y., when the owner of property became baron dr Wilibald von Dirksen. He ordered elaboration of the design and supervision of work to the most-know and respected architect and conservator – Bodo Ebhardt. In 1908 y. Emporor Wilhelm II was here as a gust during the solemn opening of the object; later it was transferred to Silesian Society of History and Antiquarianism Lovers for a museum, a restaurant and a shelter-home. In 1945 y. the castle with the part of equipment was burnt.

The LABORATORIUM Theatre of J. Grotowski was based in the Grodziec Castle before years. Serials „Przyłbice i kaputry”, „Wiedźmin” and „Romeo and Julie” show were shot here and programs „GROCH I KAPUSTA”, „PARA W POLSKĘ”, „LETNIE SZORTY”, „LABIRYNTY KULTURY”.
In the yers 2004 Swedish Television realized in the castle and its neighbourhood reality drama called „Riket” („Kingdom”). Next yers Television TF1 (France) realized in the castle reality drama „Le Royaume”, ÉÉN - TROS (Nederlands, Belgium) „OBERON” - „De saga van Oberon” and Television 1TV (Russia) „IMPERIUM”.